Opennet Certificate Authority (Status)


  • CA Certfificate Bundle (opennet-ca-bundle.tar.gz)
    MD5 Fingerprint 323a68bb884cede7b4d1c6d23c6a60dc
    SHA1 Fingerprint 93ec28505fec20ffb3e31e90f3d796ab386e155e

    Root CA

  • Root CA Certificate (opennet-root.crt)
  • Root CA Revokation List (opennet-root.crl)
  • Root CA Certificate List (root.html)
    Serial D09411CA45BAB5F1, Issued 2013/12/22
    MD5 Fingerprint BF:C9:45:7C:E0:90:39:62:5B:92:7B:4E:22:53:EF:1F
    SHA1 Fingerprint D5:34:CE:41:9E:F7:9F:CE:60:08:A8:15:FD:42:2C:8A:26:08:2F:22


  • VPN UGW Sub-CA (opennet-vpn-ugw.crt)
  • VPN UGW Sub-CA with Certchain (opennet-vpn-ugw_certchain.crt)
  • VPN UGW Sub-CA Revokation List (opennet-vpn-ugw.crl)
  • VPN UGW Sub-CA Certificate List (opennet-vpn-ugw.html)
    Serial 3490EBDBA1EB1335, Issued 2013/12/22
    MD5 Fingerprint E2:07:61:C2:1D:C4:21:3B:12:E2:6A:7B:32:E0:5F:BE
    SHA1 Fingerprint 23:95:C0:78:91:14:40:BA:FC:F9:5D:FC:49:60:6D:8C:70:BE:34:63

    VPN-User CA

  • VPN User Sub-CA (opennet-vpn-user.crt)
  • VPN User Sub-CA with Certchain (opennet-vpn-user_certchain.crt)
  • VPN User Sub-CA Revokation List (opennet-vpn-user.crl)
  • VPN User Sub-CA Certificate List (vpn-user.html)
    Serial F066E8B16DBD395F, Issued 2013/12/22
    MD5 Fingerprint B9:C4:E6:00:A0:48:93:7C:07:DE:D1:F3:08:04:04:02
    SHA1 Fingerprint D5:5C:FE:61:F8:AA:2A:F8:05:B2:42:F3:2B:8C:A7:83:AA:78:C7:E9

    Client CA

  • Client Sub-CA (opennet-client.crt)
  • Client Sub-CA with Certchain (opennet-client_certchain.crt)
  • Client Sub-CA Revokation List (opennet-client.crl)
  • Client Sub-CA Certificate List (client.html)
    Serial 361363A4F9780D16, Issued 2014/01/19
    MD5 Fingerprint 4E:EE:13:0B:C9:9E:B3:57:99:54:9D:D5:98:6B:7B:20
    SHA1 Fingerprint 89:83:57:E5:78:11:31:E5:AF:D9:27:43:79:D9:CB:80:DB:36:46:FF

    Server CA

  • Server Sub-CA (opennet-server.crt)
  • Server Sub-CA with Certchain (opennet-server_certchain.crt)
  • Server Sub-CA Revokation List (opennet-server.crl)
  • Server Sub-CA Certificate List (server.html)
    Serial 9E76CF710F71FEF1, Issued 2014/03/30
    MD5 Fingerprint 42:C5:3C:C1:D2:B7:2A:81:46:97:69:D6:4A:1D:7C:02
    SHA1 Fingerprint 46:54:0B:FD:AE:FD:FD:4E:0E:84:93:B5:44:23:31:7B:57:71:39:AB

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